Along with being the year of survival, 2023 is the year of ‘all-things digital’ as well. From Augmented Reality (AR) to online shopping, brands are serious about taking their conversations – and offerings – online.

The reason is that most social platforms are experiencing rapid growth in the number of active users, and their revenues are also grossing at a good pace. This clearly indicates that customers are using social media for entertainment purposes and to engage with brands.

This article throws some light on the top 5 social media trends your brand should watch out for in 2023!

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) is Going to Become More Mainstream

Nowadays, every social media expert is recommending technology adoption with social media platforms. Whether it’s Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, users crave an entirely new and engaging experience every time.

This is why Facebook introduced – Horizon – the social virtual reality world where you can explore products/services and play games. Also, you could try using AR filters such as Facebook’s Spark AR Studio. This feature allows you to create augmented reality effects and filters for Instagram Stories.

Finding innovative ways to connect with users often proves to be a turning point for businesses, and this is the right time to amp up your VR and AR presence.

  1. Personalised Marketing Will Turn Out Stronger

Many social marketers are developing a strategy for Facebook Live. Viral content is outdated; the new era is personalised communication. In fact, personalised marketing has helped many brands to experience a boost in engagement.

Today, customers expect brands to offer relevant and context-aware communication. It may be in the form of simple informative posts or social media ads; personalisation is key. Accurate customer data analysis is one of the biggest drives of on-point personalisation for the brands to tap into.

You can craft your targeted messages by considering sentiment analysis, demographics, preferences, shopping behaviour, etc.

  1. ‘Nano-Influencer Marketing’ will Grow Exponentially

Although selling products or services is the primary aim of engaging with an ‘Influencer,’ it’s not the only purpose. The authenticity and trust that influencers bring in are important for the marketing mix.

Along with following a ‘community-led’ approach, brands should engage with nano-influencers (1000-5000 followers). They don’t just bring value to the table but also reflect the brand’s tone, voice, and values.

Nano-influencers often actively communicate with customers, respond to every post, and offer more customised and unique content. Thus they engage customers in the most sustainable and organic form. The trick here is to opt for quality instead of quantity.

  1. Chatbots will ‘Cheer Up’ Conversations

To deliver effective customer service, you have to listen to customers, understand their pain points, and provide instant and easy solutions. Chatbots are of great help to brands in reaching a global audience, 24x7x365.

Also, it’s a wonderful tool that lets you place your audience right in the middle of your brand’s customer experience. Customers can experience things virtually and get redirected to a website/app to purchase if they like it.

Chatbots can multi-task and address customer queries since AI is increasingly becoming more intelligent. Thus they allow your social media agents to focus on more complex tasks.

  1. Online Shopping will be an Integral Part of Social Platforms

Seamless online shopping and social media ads will be the trend since they’re quick, convenient, and profit-making. They allow you to communicate with the customer directly, without leaving the platform and thus generate business in an instant.

You can reach out to more customers at the right time and the right place by leveraging social ads. For example, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram’s “Checkout with Instagram” feature allow you to deliver a seamless buying experience.

While brainstorming about the ideas of ads, you should place across your social platforms, remember the golden rule: Your ads must be dynamic, targeted, direct, and compelling.

More and more brands now focus on communicating with heart and honesty to have deeper conversations centred around their user’s core needs and concerns. Hence trying these new-age social media trends and embracing a new virtual reality should be your priority.

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