Our in-depth knowledage and decades of experience to help companies from a range of industries unlock their full potential online. We’ll identify your customers, carry out comprehensive research, find the advertising platforms
that reach your target market, and ensure that your online customer base explodes.

Freestart is a pioneer in the pay per click industry. We have experience managing PPC accounts of all size- From three
to six figure budgets, we will work within your budgets and attainable goals. We know what it takes to achieve your
advertising and business goals. 


At Lipology the pursuit to offer the highest quality products and
education for aesthetics professionals is paramount. They asked us to achieve
the same standard for traffic and growth online…they goit it!


ORGANIC growth

INSTAGRAM followers


Keyword Ranking


Key Word Research

Keyword research is perhaps the most important step in the Paid Search/Pay Per Click process. If you are not targeting the right keywords, you risk wasting a substantial amount of time and money. Our team of seasoned professionals make sure that your campaigns get off to a great start

Ad Creation

This is where we create your campaign and make sure everything 
is just right. We write your ad copy, target the correct audience,
and manage your keyword bids. A Paid Search managed campaign  has a lot of dynamics and moving parts, so it is crucial to make sure it all works smoothly and holistically.



Landing Page Development

We will examine and determine if your campaign will need a landing page.
Often it is beneficial to start off with a landing page instead of trying to
optimize your homepage which might have multiple goals
and target many different audiences.

Tracking & Testing

We install and integrate all the tools into your website including Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimize, Call Tracking and more. If there is anything, we think might help you with your Ad Words campaign, we will implement it.




We will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that it is
working properly and running as efficiently as possible. We won’t stop
until you start seeing satisfactory results.

Monitor, Monitor, Monitor

You always have to be monitoring your account performance in order
to gain and maximize the results. Most of the time your first effort will not be successful. That is why we monitor your AdWords performance every day and advise you of next steps.




We will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that it is
working properly and running as efficiently as possible. We won’t stop
until you start seeing satisfactory results.

Analysis & Feedback

We continuously monitor and analyze your campaigns and provide
around-the-clock feedback to you. You will always have all 
the information at your fingertips.


Using artifical intelligence, we will launch thousands of creative combinations of ads to maximize your results.
Utilizing the latest machine learning we actively optimize what works within a campaigns, audiences, and messages
maximizing conversions for the lowest cost.

Using this intelligence we determine what drives your current customers to purchase from you again,
and use theis information in real time to create a content strategy designed to maximize engagement
and keep them coming back for more.


Residents Line and their family of companies supply specialized insurance
and management solutions. We created the digital solutions to meet
their needs across multiple business groups individual requirments & unique
strategies for SEO, Paid Searcha nd Social Media campaigns


Through your analytics dashboard, you can easily track your campaign performance based
on the metrics that matter most to you. Whether it is more phone calls,
website visits or purchases, we will create your own custom
dashboard that shows you the KPIs you need.