What Should Be Your Top 3 Goals while Creating SEO Content?

Businesses generally create their website intending to reach their target audience effectively. But often, a lack of awareness about concepts such as content and SEO leads to lower-than-expected results.

When it comes to content, you must engagingly portray your brand and communicate how it caters to the needs and concerns of your audience. Apart from that, you must put efforts into the SEO of your site to rank higher on search engines.

This article will help you explore more about content and SEO concepts and what goals you should set while creating SEO content.

Concept of SEO Content

To understand what it really means, let’s focus on the components of this phrase.
SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website, and it helps people easily find your site via search engines like Google.

Content is any piece of information available and consumed on the web.
Now, clubbing these two concepts, we can identify SEO Content as content created to attract search engine traffic.

If you plan to optimise your content, you have to execute certain tasks, such as keyword research, keyword optimisation, content organisation, and content promotion.

Types of SEO Content

The following are some of the commonly used types of SEO Content.
Product Pages – A good product page serves as a PPC landing page and SEO content.
Blog Posts – You can prefer blogs for creating a regular stream of engaging SEO content.
Articles and Lists – Mostly preferred by newspaper and magazine websites, this type of content is often engaging.
Guides – This longer piece of content usually explains the process of doing something.
Videos – This is considered the most engaging type of content these days since people often prefer watching a video to reading text.
Infographics – These large format images containing a lot of data in the form of graphs and charts are currently trending.
Other Types – There are some other types of content, such as slideshows, glossaries, and directories, that are often used by content creators.

Top 3 Goals While Creating SEO Content
Although some businesses may have their customised goals, the majority of the businesses work toward achieving the following 3 goals.

1. Maximising Search Engine Traffic
Being the primary goal while creating SEO content, you must keep in mind that your content should be able to attract more and more audiences. In order to achieve this goal, you must design your content in such a way that it effectively communicates your product and its utility for your audience.
Remember, only attracting a large audience will not serve the whole purpose. It might give you more clicks but how many of them get converted and how many of them only contribute to the bounce rate defines your success.

2. Avoiding Google Penalties
The reason why this goal needs to be prioritised is recovering from a Google penalty is daunting and very difficult. You must focus on creating backlinks to sustain your site’s ranking position. Nowadays, Google is more concerned about user intent, user optimisation, and valuable content.

You must keep in mind that your content must be useful for the users of search engines. If you are not delivering what you portray, it also affects the search engine’s reliability. Therefore, ensure that your content and product provide solutions to the users for what they are searching for.

3. Lowering Bounce Rates

A higher bounce rate implies lesser trustworthiness and results in losing prospective customers. When users visit your site and find nothing worth their interest, they leave and usually never come back. This increases the bounce rate for your site and is not a good sign.

In order to lower the bounce rate, you must focus on delivering engaging content. Make sure you do on-page SEO first and focus on your page’s layout. Also, you must pick relevant keywords that attract users when searching for something. Finally, you can use compelling infographics that save time for users while attracting them to go through it.

Creating engaging SEO content is an unavoidable part of businesses, and many of them effectively manage to do so. Achieving the above goals definitely helps you get good results, as expected! 

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